Mavis Staples: We’ll Never Turn Back

WeMavis Staples has been singing for freedom since the 60s. When in 2007 she crooned/belted/growled “99 and 1/2” out of the radio, I was immobilized and riveted.

Down in Mississippi
Brothers in jail
Uneducated children
It’s the 21st century
It feels like it’s 1960
Broken levees
Lyin politicians
Runnin through hatred
Homeless babies

Freedom now
Freedom now

I’m runnin
Tryin to make a hundred
99 and a half just won’t do

By the time she was well into “In My Own Eyes” I was on my second hanky.

Ry Cooder’s production is just right. The album is in my personal top 5 for 2007. I dearly hope that someday in my lifetime we won’t need songs like this. In the meantime, thank heaven for Mavis.

You can get the CD direct from Mavis.