Halloween goodies

My favorite holiday and a good excuse to waste time on the Net exploring horrifying and/or funny Halloween stuff.

Pumpkin carving

Carve your pumpkin online – Pretty tame, but fun for a while.

Pumpkin Way – Nice goofy collection of sharable carvings.

Extreme Pumpkins – I could spend hours here. Some pumpkins are very inappropriate for children.

Halloween games

Devil’s Tramping Ground – Chilling yet chuckle-inducing interactive movies. Fine for kids.

M&M’s dark movies – Identify the scary movies symbolized in the Bosch-ish painting. You’ll know more than you think at first.

Hapland – Okay, this isn’t actually Halloween-themed, but it’s weird. Extremely addictive.

Passive spooky entertainment

Scary Girl comic – 30 warped and cute episodes. Fine for kids.

Making Fiends – The hilarious adventures of Charlotte and Vendetta. Also fine for kids.

Oddio Overplay Halloween music – The musicians at Oddio Overplay have generously offered us enough spooky music for all our Halloween needs! Good for parties or haunted house effects.

Old Time Horror Radio – Gather round the virtual wireless, kiddies, for some old radio drama. You’ll hear the old-timey ads for things like Ironized Yeast too. Listen online or download for your iPod.

Eye of the Goof: The Psychotronic Guide to Archive.org – Links to free old horror movies at archive.org. Easier than searching archive.org yourself. Watch online or download for your iPod.

Other Halloweeny things

Halloween desktops and icons at the Iconfactory – Very cool computer decorations.

Ghost Droppings – “An Expert’s Guide to Halloween and All Things Creepy.” Updated frequently with new stuff.