Don’t pull the plug on Internet Radio

Save the music!

There’s still a little time to act before independent Internet radio is silenced. Sign the petition to save Internet radio. Then write or call your representative and ask them to support H.R. 2060, The Internet Radio Equality Act (unless your representative is Sam Farr – he’s already co-sponsoring).

Internet radio allows us to hear broadcasts from all over the world as freely and clearly as if they were next door, just as Web sites and blogs let us access written information and images from around the globe. Music from Mexico, news from the Netherlands, talk shows from LA, student radio stations in Alaska, public radio stations all over, the pirate radio station in my own town, five musician friends in New Mexico – diversity seems like a bland understatement. Mind-blowing is what it is. Revolution potential is what it is.

This is all possible because the costs of streaming over the Net are affordable for just about anyone – at least, they were, until the Copyright Royalty Board reached out its greedy claws.

As a sedentary person with health issues and limited energy, Internet radio is yet another way to bring the world to my doorstep. I fight isolation all the time, and this is yet another way I can feel connected.

Haven’t listened to Internet radio before? Tune in to Jessibird Radio for a small sampling.

Educate yourself further here.

2 Responses to “Don’t pull the plug on Internet Radio”

  1. breukie

    Hi Jessi,

    If you like radio, here in the Netherlands the most liberal radio station is 3FM, especially when Giel Beelen is on, tune in on Friday night (every week around 01:00 houre if I am correct (normally I come back from going out on friday and tune in a lot later hahaha), go to the webcam, for in media player: mms:// he then is on internet, radio and national television. He might be crazy to you and maybe not understandible hahaha, but still it is the latest great thing over here, combining Internet, national TV and Radio at the same time. He does talk a lot, but that is also his brandmark, because of the crazy things he did and does and his unique way of making radio he is able to pull it off. it could come over as a mess and it is, but I like it and listen to him every day. Normally he has his show in the morning from 06:00 till 09:00. If you can, his opening tune at that time is to good to be true, especially when your alarm just went and are still trying to open your eyes ;-)

    Cool site by the way!


  2. Jessi

    Hey Arnold, thanks for the tip! I found the 3 FM station. Right now they’re playing some mellow, eclectic music; very nice. I’ll see if I can catch Mr. Giel Beelen; I’ll have to look up and see when he’d be on in my time zone.

    Glad you like the site, which is nicer due to your links widget!