Annie Hayden for a blustery day

So I was trying to help people with their Internet problems today and, well, despite everyone’s best efforts, some of us just got on each others’ nerves a bit. I got a bit of a headache. Riding my bike home, this dry wind was blowing dry bits of leaves around and behind my glasses and into my eyes. (Since I got glasses, I swear they create some weird airflow that sucks in particles of stuff.) The cat meowed hello and came inside with me and I looked forward to a little sociable patting and purring time, but he immediately meowed to go out again. And I burned my dinner. Oh help and bother!

a slender, serious-looking young woman gazes into your eyesI could really use a soft, wistful, quirky and amusing song. I bet you could too.

Hey, I’ve got one right here!

Annie Hayden:
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Ahh, much better.

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