A little conservation this morning

I just turned the water heater thermostat down a notch and put a brick-sized rock in the toilet tank.

I always keep the thermostat just high enough so that I can take a comfortable shower using the hot water only.

We’re likely heading into a drought, so I’m trying to save a bit of water too.

Any other suggestions?

2 Responses to “A little conservation this morning”

  1. Westi

    We’ve been thinking a lot about conservation lately too. Not just water, but everything. One obvious change we made this year was getting rid of a lawn. We also have hearty outdoor plants that can survive on mostly the Aptos fog alone. Thus eliminating the need for watering.

    Other areas of conservation: we’re making an effort to only wash clothes and towels when they’re actually dirty (don’t be too grossed out, it’s not like we’re wearing dirty underwear); switched to as many efficient lightbulbs as possible, all energy-efficient appliances, and moving to “air dry” the dishwasher.

    The last battle is the extra fridge we acquired in our move. I never wanted it. Hubby likes cold beers. I’ve convinced him there’s plenty of room in our regular fridge. He agrees, but more convincing to him, he’ll get more space in the garage for tools & motorcycles. So, anyone need a fridge?

  2. Jessi

    Great changes, Westi! And isn’t it nice not to have to mow a lawn! I’m not grossed out at all by your laundry decision – that’s my MO as well. Your clothes will last longer, too.

    Too bad a certain on-line classsifieds service isn’t running yet to advertise your fridge on.

    I’m thinking I need to start line-drying my clothes. I need to scheme with my landlady about putting up a line.

    I’m also going to make a valiant effort to turn off the water in the shower between the initial wetting and rinsing off. Now that the cold weather is gone, I really don’t have an excuse not to.

    Another thing I should really do is get all my entertainment/computing electronics on one or two power strips that I switch off when I leave for the day. Most items draw power when they’re “off” but really in stand-by mode.