A Greener Apple

I am really happy to see Apple leading the way towards cleaner, less harmful personal computers. I plan to hold off on getting a new Apple laptop until I can get one with an LED display (no mercury!).

Read Steve Jobs’ announcement, A Greener Apple, to learn more.

How about you:


2 Responses to “A Greener Apple”

  1. iLiThYa

    Hey Jessi, this was really cool to hear about!

    I have never read before about Apple trying to increase recycling within their own products.

    I think that´s great! and I would also love to get one of those laptops with LED display, who wouldn´t??

    But as I answered in your survey, I´m anyway really into get a new apple laptop soon, once I have the money to affort it! :p Mine is crap nowadays.

  2. Jessi

    One person’s crappy Mac is another person’s treasure! You can sell your old Mac to someone who will love it – that’s the best recycling of all.

    I’m trying to be patient and wait for Leopard and LED displays… sigh…