Going on vacation

Getting ready to pick up Alex at the airport. Sweet reunion! For two days that is. Then I’m up to Seattle for a week with family. Mom is taking me on a boat to Vancouver for a couple of days. I’ll also spend time with Amy, Greg and Lewis (who is addicted to the new household computer, I bet), as well as cousin Tim, Caitlin, Sam and Mike.
long torx driver
Finally found a long torx driver to reach the recessed screws on the old macs. The SE/30 won’t boot and I suspect its RAM got jiggled loose during shipping. I really had to search for the torx driver. A sales guy at Santa Cruz Electronics practically had steam coming out his ears when I mentioned opening an old all-in-one. He sputtered “liability…major liability…don’t even talk to me about it…” Believe me, I will take all possible precautions to avoid the high voltage. If I end up with a new hairdo I’ll go back and show that sales guy!