Small beginnings

I first put up this journal. I had been working in childcare – at the same job – for fifteen years and was physically exhausted. Pushed by my physical complaints, pulled by the fascination of computers, and supported lovingly by friends, family and counselors, I quit my childcare job. I found work at Cruzio, an Internet provider, within one week.

Wheee! Everything was easy after the travails of childcare. Although I missed the community I’d left behind, the mostly Latina, working class, female community, I enjoyed my new sales/customer service job right on the main pedestrian walkway in downtown Santa Cruz. I loved the interaction with the public as well as my welcome into the Cruzio family.

During my first euphoric year, I remembered what it’s like to be a fun-loving adult woman. I went dancing and wrote poetry. I, well, tried to date. I also started taking computer classes at night and having more confidence in my ability to learn technical things, though not without diligent work.

Most of my friends and family don’t spend much time on the Internet, so I don’t have much motivation to update frequently. I’ll just post a paragraph here from time to time.